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The Quickstart Guide to Game Mastering is a project by Sword & Source and LoreCraft. Sword & Source owns the copyright to all contents on the website, including the contents of every guide, including every associated resource, template, and adventure that contains Sword & Source branding.

All artwork is either in the public domain, or used in accordance with its associated license. Because some of the art is licensed by Sword & Source it would be best not to use it lest you accidentally steal from the artists who worked so hard to create it.

If you want to use some art that you suspect might be in the public domain, please ask first. If there is any possible way we can share it, we will!

Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition content

In the guide for 5th edition D&D, we reference some game elements that are available under the Open-Gaming License (OGL). The included adventures also make use of this license.

You can view the full license in this document.

Privacy policy

Sword & Source is committed to privacy on the web. We track website behaviour using Fathom Analytics, a privacy-focused analytics platform. It would have been easier, and cost us nothing, to use Google Analytics – but we are committed to your privacy and providing a great experience. For that reason we are happy to pay for Fathom, despite the fact that we are an indie software company with limited cash flow.

Using Fathom also allows us to not annoy you with "cookie banners". It is completely anonymous and GDPR compliant.

We hope you will trust us with your email address. We send emails twice a month that include RPG freebies and more cool projects like this one. Your email will never be shared with others for any reason. If you have questions or concerns, you can email us anytime.