You can do it!

The Quickstart Guide to Game Mastering

Go from absolute beginner to
running your first tabletop RPG adventure in no time

For one reason or another, your quest has brought you here. You are interested in becoming a Game Master: leader of game night, teller of tales, builder of worlds. But you feel stuck.

You might feel like you need to know everything before you start. Maybe you aren't even sure where you should start. You've tried searching for help online, and been overwhelmed with information.

Confusion is completely normal. Everyone has a different take on what it means to be a Game Master. We experienced GMs mean well, but we forget what it's like to be at the very beginning.

You need a clear answer to the question:
What does a Game Master actually do?

Let's clear this up: when you strip it down, being a Game Master is simple. You can be a Game Master in less time than you think.

This quickstart guide to Game Mastering will teach you how to start. It will give you a set of clear, simple, dependable steps that you can follow.

It will take a couple hours of your time, and cost you 0 dollars.

The guide will do this and nothing more. You will not learn every rule. You will not learn how to become the world's best Game Master. You will not learn the ins and outs of Dungeons & Dragons or 40 different ways you can write a plot hook.

You will learn how to run an adventure with no fuss.

The world needs more Game Masters.
The party needs you.
You can do this.

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