The Quickstart Guide to Game Mastering
D&D 5th Edition

This is the big one. The game that started it all. Dungeons & Dragons was first published in 1974 and remains the leader in fantasy tabletop roleplaying games.

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This guide will be the perfect resource for anyone who has always wanted to try running a game but struggled to start. I especially loved the part about the game preparation and scheduling, the true bane of every TTRPG session.
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This is the ultimate guide to being a Dungeon Master! It truly covers everything from complete beginners in the ttrpg world to warm-up, wrap-ups, and even case studies! As a first time DM, this guide was extremely beneficial! It helped me to prep and know what to expect! This guide is the most helpful resource you can find!
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Starting Dungeon Masters and players should find this adventure accessible & delightful to play out. As an experienced player I very much enjoyed the start of this campaign and look forward immensely to playing the ensuing chapters!
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Rob H.